Monday, 15 August 2016

Hello,  Another workshop using acrylic paints mixing colours and patterns.
I am always encouraged to paint big expanses and I cannot quite manage it yet.
Here are some techniques paint with flour mixed in Yellow piece and lightly brushing another colour on the top with a dry brush and the white with blue acrylic dry  brushed on the top is a white tissue struck on with glue.

The yellow and red were layered and then I made some  marks-line with a fork and other examples of lines  the bottom left is stippling and the middle is stippling with a mask, so I guess there is a lot of crossover from card making and painting techniques 

I just had mad moment  with colour and a piece of scraping tool.
After I had said I could not fill up a whole page this is the result
Do not ask me to paint your home!

This is actually where we began  by painting in acrylic a small picture and then enlarging sections that we wanted to highlight in the remaining quarters.  I went mad again.

and again using a palate knife I just spread it all over... half a page

This is the other half of spreading paint I quite like the translucency effect of colour layering.

Well that is all, thanks to Gill for a good day.

Friday, 12 August 2016

special occasions

This is my latest it is a special request for a 60th birthday.

There are two layers of complimentary colours of Stamping Up (SU) card
I use the hydranger SU stamp plus leaves
The 60 is a tonic dye, My friend Jenny fussy cut the blooms for me
I used another die for the individual blooms and coloured them with purple Wink of Stella and scattered them about, hopfully decoratively.
The leaves were Wink of Stella again with a ordinary green pen to mark the veins.

This a a close up of part of the card.

Second close-up of the card showing Mondays Child rhyme  in stamp format from Crafty Individuals.
The surround was a touch of Wink of Stella.

Oh and I added three small gold butterflys, with purple Wink of Stella undercarriages using a Martha Stuart punch

This is the insert  with punched trim and verse from 'tinternet' (said I could use it free)

This is the outer last page of the card with one hydranger stamped on it (SU).
I used momento inks throughout.
and that is that a marathon.....

See you soon, hope you like it.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Hello, some cards and a 'thing'  I have not been idle!

This one of Tulips is a stamp and painted with Creative Expressions shimmering water colour  pastel paints.  I placed this on matching card with a ribbon and a knot.  Sometimes I prefer knots to bows.

I used my Brushos again on water colour card and cut out the Tree of Life  Die and popped it on top.
Different and quite effective.

Another one for the tinies....
I used a die for the background of hearts and placed the little chap on top in the corner after colouring him of course.  With a touch of similar coloured ribbon, there he is, he looks happy enough.

These two are the same object from different angles.  I went to a decopatch class. This took two sessions to complete as I failed to gesso the brown surface of the stand and the decopatch paper was so transparent that is showed through.  After huffing and puffing I decided it would be best if I did the whole thing again hence the two sessions.  I am happier with it now.
If you look close up you can see lots of butterflys on the top. It was very pretty paper.

Hope to see you next time, still learning my way around blogging.

Friday, 22 July 2016

back on track

Goodness its the 18th July today!
The time is flying by.
  I have had to rest as I had a couple of nasty falls, so no posting for a week or two, to make up for it I have some pictures for you..  Oh! I am on the mend.

Well, it is now 21 July and I have had to have help understanding how to get my photos from my phone using the  connecting lead  from  phone to computer.  Thanks to Darren who has taught me this and it is cheaper than sending myself e mails.

Here is my selection

This is the sunrise at 11 minutes past five on the 18th!  Lovely colours.

Jenny at Framin Crafty framed this for me.  The background is brushos on watercolour paper, the stamp is by Clarity and I  coloured in with Wink of Stella Gold and Turquoise.

This is my attempt at Art Class with sky, sea and rocks.  All watercolours and the shaping of the rocks was done by using a cut-up credit card, where the paint in scraped  to move the colour giving shading and direction.

These are my daisies in pastel colours  Art class again. Using watercolours and learning about glazes.
Well this has been quite a week  I hope you like my attempts and will call again.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


I have been asked to make a special birthday card using sheep. 
I ordered a sheep die  from Joanna Sheen made by Signature.
It has not been made yet (the birthday card), however, I made a start on the following to see how the sheep worked out. Their faces lift out and I coloured their eyes.
What do you think?

Pretty simple...... and

one for a girl and one for a boy!

 The stamp of the Olive branch is from Inkylicious
some bling from my stash and the card I used is from Stamping Up. 

The size of the white card is 6x6.

and now for something entirely different

This is a stamp from Imagination Crafts,
 I stamped straight onto the card itself using black Momento ink which came out all speckled.  Not a solid black will have to try another make of ink pad next time.
I coloured the flower in Ranger Distress pens and place black diamonte beads in the middle.
This looks  darker with a richer must be  my photography.  Well I am sure you have the idea.
Oh! and I  inked round the edge with a black pen.

That is all for now.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Hello.  Do you remember I was set a challenge....
Well this is it...

This is my latest purchase a Stamping Up stamp it is called Moroccan Nights.  I have used the longer stamp repeated several times to fill the page.  I used Momento Ink Pads Paris Dusk and Teal Zeal alternatively. The Lanterns  were stamped separately and cut out and coloured, Same colours except for the yellow to look as if they are lit.  I placed some 'jewels' on in the same colours as the stamped rows, put the lanterns on a pad to raise them up and there is the finished card.

I did not have much time left after a busy week, perhaps it should have some sort of a salutation on it, I cannot think of one for the moment.

Lets hope the challenger is pleased with it......

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

the missing cards

Hello again,  I have prepared the following once before and when near publishing pressed the wrong key and lost it here goes.
Lately I have been making cards . I won't get too ambitious this time.

This is a Crafty Individuals stamp.  I cut out a few plain circles and some of the stamp clocks
and layered them all together.

This is a brushos sprinkled background on water colour card then red Stamping Up card and a Penny Black poppy die cut twice once with gold and then with red to create a shadow effect that you can see with the stems.  It is meant to be off center. 

This one again is Stamping Up card 2 circles on a white background with a Lavinia stamps using a black Momento ink pad.

I used a woodware clear stamp used twice.  The lighter circles  very pale blue and the others a medium blue.  They were painted with  Creative Expressions Iridescent shimmering  water colour paints (blue and green)  Stamped with a Momento Ink pad.

All of the card are 6x6 inches .  I will not rest them again on this coloured card to take the pictures with.

Till the next time.....