Monday, 15 August 2016

Hello,  Another workshop using acrylic paints mixing colours and patterns.
I am always encouraged to paint big expanses and I cannot quite manage it yet.
Here are some techniques paint with flour mixed in Yellow piece and lightly brushing another colour on the top with a dry brush and the white with blue acrylic dry  brushed on the top is a white tissue struck on with glue.

The yellow and red were layered and then I made some  marks-line with a fork and other examples of lines  the bottom left is stippling and the middle is stippling with a mask, so I guess there is a lot of crossover from card making and painting techniques 

I just had mad moment  with colour and a piece of scraping tool.
After I had said I could not fill up a whole page this is the result
Do not ask me to paint your home!

This is actually where we began  by painting in acrylic a small picture and then enlarging sections that we wanted to highlight in the remaining quarters.  I went mad again.

and again using a palate knife I just spread it all over... half a page

This is the other half of spreading paint I quite like the translucency effect of colour layering.

Well that is all, thanks to Gill for a good day.

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  1. Looks and sounds like you had great fun at the workshop.x